Develop the Voices in Your Business

Over the years we have worked with thousands of business people from all levels of seniority and industry:

  • C-Suite leaders

  • Senior executives

  • Managers of teams in sales, marketing, banking, law, engineering, consulting, finance and accounting

  • Corporate men & women seeking a voice at the table

  • Business people from diversity and cultural backgrounds seeking inclusion

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Independent business owners


C-Level & Executives

  • Influential investor relations

  • Have a voice of a leader

  • Sound compelling

Diverse Voices

  • Be empowered to speak

  • Know the vocal rules in business

  • Ensure your voice is at the table

Career Transition

  • Own your right to the next level

  • Prepare for interviews

  • Be heard as 'one of them'

Court Advocates

  • Persuade with your voice

  • Be respected in court

  • Have a competitive advantage


Cornell Voice Advisory Consulting Benefits

Be heard  •  Speak with power when it matters  •  Articulate your message clearly  •  Dynamically sell your story  •  Speak with courage, gravitas and passion   •  Have presence   •  Build confidence  •  Be compelling  •  Instill trust  •  Develop relaxation, breath, voice and energy  •  Prepare for the moment of speaking  •  Command respect in high stakes speaking  •  Give high potential talent a voice in the business  •  Lead cultural change with a voice of leadership and strength