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Develop the Voice of your Business and Teams

How do individual voices affect the business culture?
How does the business culture affect individual voices?

One of the cornerstones of a business’ culture is
the ability and willingness of its people to have a voice.

When an individual does not feel safe to express ideas and feelings then the business and the person loses out.
The Cornell Voice Advisory works with teams to diagnose, develop and support individual voices in a business.

We look at it from two sides:
the individual’s story about their voice and
the business culture of voice - who gets a voice, how and when.

We investigate where they enhance or undermine each other
and then we proactively activate change to engage equal share of voice in business.

Our Strategic 4 Stage Approach


Unearthing neglected voices and hidden intellectual capital
Identifing chronic organizational influence issues

Measuring the strength & breadth of speaking influence
Recommending steps for influential voices to be heard


  • Stage 1
    Benchmarking individual and team voice with our proprietary Voice of Influence Survey measuring how your people affect the bottom line when they speak. Evidence based, statistically designed, self rating and 360 degree questions with a translation of results on our proprietary Ring of Influence Model and individual reporting.

  • Stage 2
    Face to face team training: designed and tailored with the business

  • Stage 3
    Our 30 Day Action Plan for ongoing support and embedding

  • Stage 4
    A final survey of the team with individual comparative reports and an Executive Report to give insights on the team and individual voice and to assess the impact of the program for the business.