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Positional Voice. Claim your voice at the table

Develop Your Literal Voice


Get professional feedback on how you sound
Take our diagnostic Voice of Influence Survey which assesses 6 distinctions of voice for influence
Learn the technical reasons behind your voice needs
Understand why and how you have your quality of adult voice
Sophisticated (not generic) techniques for your specific vocal needs
Understand where you hold unnecessary tensions in your body that impede flow and power in speaking
Learn how to harness time, space and energy for influential speaking
Learn what your breath is doing while you speak and how it might support or undermine your sense of control and power in speaking
Develop the resonance of your voice to express your emotional and intellectual range

Develop Your Positional Voice


Develop presence in business speaking
Practically experience how to speak with courage, gravitas and passion in high stakes communications
Match intellectual capability with communications capability
Create opportunities for your influential voice to be heard
Understand the relationship between voice and power
Unearth the unconscious biases we have about voice in business
Have an empowered voice when speaking to people with influence
Clearly and succinctly articulate a message and dynamically sell the story
Maintain confidence when speaking
Increase impact in meetings and spoken communications
Ensure you have a voice in the business
Interrogate the vocal rules in your business or industry

Our  Individual Coaching Team

Christina Koch Lead Voice and Performance Coach The Voice Advisory Individual Coaching
Julia Moody The Voice Advisory Lead Voice and Performance Coach
Tanya Gerstle The Voice Advisory Lead Voice and Performance Coach

Our handpicked, elite team of coaches are discerning, insightful, practical, tough, strategic, delicate, immensely skilled and have a combined 80 years experience.

We tailor your training to you and in close conversation with your business sponsor, if required. Your training sessions integrate skills to real time  speaking events and increase in stakes over time to develop your speaking confidence, fitness and memory.