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Our Motivation
Inspired by the immense capacity
of the human voice.

Unimpressed when people don’t have an empowered voice at work.

Fired-up about you being heard.


From our 20 years of working with some of the world’s most influential leaders and their teams, we unequivocally know that the single most neglected opportunity in business is in the voice of its people.

No matter what technical skills people have or training they have received, none of it matters if they can’t express themselves and be heard. The voice is the last frontier to maximize results in business. And most other businesses don’t even think about it.

For business owners, when your people can express their power, then you can fully unlock their intellectual and human capital.

We have seen many variations of compromised voice over the years, whether this is due to your own individual story and formative experiences of your voice, or the cultural voice of the organization you are working in. Surrounding you are many rules and codes to civilize and control your voice.

Our job is to bring these to light and help change the culture for meaningful, purposeful and ethical voices in business.

Our Distinction
Making the world’s leading voice and performance techniques palatable and relevant for business people.


We work strategically with organizations and individuals to empower diverse voices in business. We understand the speaking demands across business sectors and organizational structures.

We work with your voice responsibly, accountably and intelligently.

Our impressive international team has had rigorous training in voice, performance and teaching technique, global experience and has a compassionate, candid and intuitive approach.

Our Belief
A free, expressive voice is your birthright. 


As our voices get cultured and civilised, we lose touch with this birthright.  As adults, our voices are far from their natural, expressive capability.  We hold back our ideas and feelings.  We forget our ability to easily express our innate wisdom.  What we hear is a smaller version that what is possible.

The truth is: the literal sound of your voice impacts how you are perceived and shapes your positional voice in business.